When ordinary windows do not match your vision in design or function, choosing bespoke windows are the best solution. Our bespoke windows can be made to fit any specifications or projects, materials, sizes, functions and other features needed. With a decades of experience, latest innovations and highly skilled team, we are able to implement even the most exclusive requirements, that most company’s can not.

Here at you can choose high material quality bespoke doors with a wide variety of décor elements to match the style you wish: from the most modern to the traditional one.

To provide you a premium material quality product, we use use only the finest, sustainably sourced timber. The systems are produced utilising various types of engineered triple layered wood.  Each piece of the doors is impregnated separately and dyed separately to be sure we leave no untouched area.

Our wood manufacturing technologies allow us to create bespoke windows in virtually unlimited shapes, with a wide array of colors  and functional solutions.

We are always looking forward for unique ideas to implement, so please feel free to contact us and we will write you back in 24h!

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Wooden windows are often characterized by its strengh and security. Furthermore, is it sure now, that wood represents excellent thermal insulating qualities, so with our customisable Timber windows, you will have no need to choose between beauty, fuctions, warmth, security and functional performace – our products have all come into balance.

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